iZombie 4.04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

“I remember this episode of Grey's Anatomy.”

Though the first half of ‘Brainless in Seattle’ ended on a terrifying note, the second half ended up returning to the wackier tone that this two-parter started out on. It was a nice surprise to see the writers focus so heavily on the lighter aspects of the show over a longer narrative stretch, but it does make me wonder if this was a story befitting of two parts.

iZombie 4.03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

Despite starting out as light romcom inspired entertainment, this episode trades the Bridget Jones jokes half way through for something far darker, giving the show a chance to show off its ability to easily tackle vastly different tones in a short space of time.

Jessica Jones 2.02: A.K.A. Freak Accident

So far, a certain amount of Jessica Jones’s sophomore season feels a little mechanical. Characters appear to be making choices and taking risks that seem to both delay the inevitable and cause unnecessary conflict. In part this feels like classic story-telling 101; we can’t burn through all the best reveals at the very beginning. But this is also Jessica Jones, so characters making the wrong choices and messing things up runs right into the DNA of what makes it such a fascinating series.

iZombie 4.02: Blue Bloody

With the premiere exposition out of the way, the second episode of the season ‘Blue Bloody’ dove head first into the tenuous world of Seattle, all the while maintaining the series status-quo; the case-of-the-week here serviced a different, but equally compelling side to the quarantine than what we’ve already seen.

iZombie 4.01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

Like last season’s premiere which had Liv and her comrades facing more dangerous and unpredictable circumstances, this opening salvo finds the world of iZombie in an even more volatile and uncertain state. The zombie secret is out, and with Seattle’s walled-in residents ready to do battle with one another, the city is akin to a war-torn country. It’s an exciting place to start the show’s fourth year.

iZombie 3.13: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 2

When this season started it was clear that the writers had a very specific set of goals in mind that they wanted to achieve. Clear and concise planning on their part meant that this finale was able to achieve most, if not all of those goals, but there was still time for some interesting twists along the way.

iZombie 3.12: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1

We’re one episode away from the end of the season, and it’s looking like all that we were promised at the beginning is starting to come to fruition.