iZombie 3.13: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 2

When this season started it was clear that the writers had a very specific set of goals in mind that they wanted to achieve. Clear and concise planning on their part meant that this finale was able to achieve most, if not all of those goals, but there was still time for some interesting twists along the way.

iZombie 3.12: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1

We’re one episode away from the end of the season, and it’s looking like all that we were promised at the beginning is starting to come to fruition.

iZombie 3.11: Conspiracy Weary

At a time when tensions are running at an all time high, and the gang are facing a multitude of zombie problems and threats, Liv’s paranoid brain felt like a bit of an inconvenience. Thankfully, it also provided her with some vital clues in helping to solve some of the many mysteries she’s surrounded by at the moment. Having such an “excitable” approach to these mysteries may help her to stay one step ahead of everyone else in the face of so many obstacles, which range from annoying to potentially catastrophic.

iZombie 3.10: Return of the Dead Guy

As we reach the end of the season, the different plot strands introduced are starting to get quite heavy handed. There’s a lot of name dropping of characters we don’t really know too well, familiar faces resurfacing and muddying the waters, and many different threats popping up from many different sides. Maybe it’s time for a flow chart?

iZombie 3.09: Twenty-Sided, Die

Some of the investigations this season have been very much PD-by-the-numbers, but ‘Twenty-Sided, Die’ is a great example of how iZombie can change the game at any time.

iZombie 3.08: Eat a Knievel

There’s a moment early on in ‘Eat a Knievel’ when the season’s biggest plot takes a bit of a U-turn. It’s a twist that calls a lot into question, but it’s also brought with it a few exciting possibilities.

iZombie 3.07: Dirt Nap Time

Halfway through last season the major arcs were starting to intersect in some really exciting ways, with the big bads of the season tying the individual stories of most of the major characters together, and the result was kind of incredible. That type of intricate storytelling hasn’t been on display for most of season three thus far, and as we head into second part of the season it’s starting to look like things will remain mostly segregated for the time being.