Veronica Mars 2.06 'Rat Saw God'

An abundance of call-backs make this episode an important one in tying up a few loose ends left from last season. It sparks up a few interesting combinations and as usual plays up the characters that have the greatest dialogue together.

Rat Saw God’ sees Veronica tracking Amelia De Longpre down when Abel Koontz asks to see her once more before he dies. Keith looses the race for sheriff but when the bus is brought up for investigation, he discovers something that changes everything. Logan has another run in with the law.

Team Mars/Weidman were really cool to watch. I always love seeing Veronica outsmart the cream of the crop, but something about a teenage girl serving as an arch nemesis for a powerful security manager at a huge technology firm tickled me. That college dude being held hostage was pure gold, too. His Harvard techniques may have been hard to come by, but there was no competing with ‘Cheerleading tryouts’ to complete a good cop/bad cop duo.

Logan and Weevil always provide solid entertainment, mostly because of the starkly different lifestyles they represent. Logan is the pompous rich boy, and Weevil is the angry, bad-ass from the wrong side of the tracks. It seems this year Logan is getting some major lead role status. His stories don’t seem to have much to do with Veronica a lot of the time. His reunion with his father was quite intense but Aaron’s denial of the whole Lilly thing is a little ridiculous. I’m still not sure I’m happy with the fact that he returned for this season for the whole trial thing or not. I liked that part of Ronnie’s life being resolved and finished with.

Can we stop and talk about Cliff for a second; the greatest minor character in TV history. Not only is Daran Norris deliciously funny, but every scene he’s in just seems to ooze humour and charisma. It’s pretty obvious how much fun each of the writers have writing scenes for him, and its something Rob Thomas himself discussed when this show was still on air. He and Logan made a fantastic duo, too; more of these scenes wouldn’t go amiss later on this season.

The bus crash investigation is starting to pick up speed and this season is starting to make a lot more sense now; it just needed a while to get started.


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