Veronica Mars 2.08 Ahoy, Mateys!

Felix’s murder seems to get a bit more screen-time than the major bus crash early on this season. While the constant back and forth of Logan and Weevil’s rivalry is a bit tedious, it’s a clever depiction of the major class divide. Veronica’s case this week didn't see too much excitment other than painting a better picture of someone who could end up becoming a major clue in solving this year’s mystery.

Even though our weekly case lacked a few fireworks, there’s a lot of payoff with regards to the truth that’s uncovered, like Marcos’s secret affair. But I adored seeing Veronica and Mac work together. She gets a LOT more screen-time this season and the writers love for her character always shows, since they always write her into all of Veronica’s stories with such ease. Isn’t Veronica in need of another gal-pal anyway? With Meg gone, Veronica has just become a boyfriend girl, spending all her time with Duncan is his super-bachelor suite.

That opening ‘River Stix’ scene was very intense and one of the best things I’ve seen so far this season. There’s so many things said between Veronica and Logan, and still so much left unsaid. Bell and Dohring are both at the top of their game here, not that it’s anything out of the ordinary for them to act their socks off, but credit where credit’s due. It’s a testament to the characters that they are and who they’ve become that they reacted to the situation the way they did. Logan went in all guns a blazing, but to protect Veronica; Veronica went mental on Logan, but only out of fear for hi safety. It’s easy to buy that they’re destined to be more than just flirty nemeses.

I’ve said it a number of times, but Duncan has always possessed the personality on an onion. He’s nice and all, but other than that he’s pretty much a tool for moving other stories along. The opening scene was something that opened up his inner turmoil over Meg a bit more, and we got to see who he believes is the responsible for the downfall of their relationship. What I’m guessing was the intention of Veronica being the bad guy, was his belief that they’re coming together is some form of dishonour to Meg.

It’s hard to see where the slump hit this season, because other than a few narrative slow-downs, everything seems top notch so far.



  1. Definitely not a standout, but still pretty stellar. I agree about their not being a huge drop in quality between the seasons. I actually prefered season two originally, but on rewatch season one held up a lot better for me...

    Yay for more Mac screentime! One of my favorite characters, and I was surprised how little she actally appears in season one, because her role was so memorable. I love the hell out of Veronica and Mac's easy banter, and their relationship in general, because V always encourages and supports Mac. Veronica can let her guard down a little around her, too. It does make sense that I would love watching them together, though, as they're my two favourite characters.

    Like a lot of stuff here that plays into later in the season, but won't mention them until around...idk, Plan B / I Am God (both of which are pretty much flawless).

  2. I was the same about season 2 before this re-watch, as well, but season one is slightly superior, if only for the power of the Lily mystery.

    Thanks for reading.