Roswell 1.13 The Convention

For the past few weeks the Sherriff has been straddling two sides of the fence. On one hand, he’s been so desperate to get answers that his search has ruined the lives of 5 young teenagers, to the point where it’s affected his role as their protector. On the other, he’s been searching for those answers to clear his own father’s name, and to make things better for his own family. The Convention is where he finally decides which side he belongs to, and it’s also one where things are changed for Max, Michael and Isabel, too.

Valenti started out the series as the primary antagonist, searching for answers he knew were just out of his reach, but ever since Topolsky arrived, and gave the show another enemy to focus on, he’s landed in a morally grey area, wanting to follow through with his quest to find out the truth about Max Evans, but also trying to stay on the straight and narrow, to avoid facing the same fate as his committed father. It takes a crazy alien hunter, and Max’s life being put in danger to prove to Valenti that he’s not the enemy anymore. Though he’s proven his father right, he has to stop his mad search and let Max and his friends live their lives.

He may have been a mad man, but Hubbell was right about one thing; Nasedo may not be the saviour Max, Michael and Isabel have been waiting for. He’s killed in order to keep his secret, he’s already proven that he thinks very little of human life, when it’s the one thing that Max and his friends appreciate more than everything and know just how precious it is. It’s a hard thing to learn, that the one thing you’ve clung all your hopes to may not be what you expect it, or even need it to be.

That comfort with the writing I mentioned last week seems to be continuing on past last week, as characters relegated to the background are being meshed in nicely with the more prominent stories. Alex’s obsession with Isabel brought out her defensive side. It seems harsh, but it’s just another consequence of wanting to keep those she cares about safe. Elsewhere, Michael helping Maria’s mother out is showing that he’s capable of more than a few chauvinistic comments.

The Convention is where things take a turn into darker territory, and though that ground isn’t going to be returned to for another few weeks, it’s enough to satisfy the serial elements for the series for the time being.


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