Pretty Little Liars 3.11 Single Fright Female

Since the past few weeks have been Maya central, it’s nice to see an episode that is a lot more pro-Alison than the show has been in a while, at least where screen-time is concerned. The attention that the show has been lavishing on its new mysteries has been great to see, especially since it seems like we’re building to something, but I like that the show isn’t just dropping all past story-lines completely.

Single Fright Female was all about the crazies, but nobody really saw as much character destruction as poor little Paige. From her supposed run-ins with Ali, including giving our favourite frenemy one hell of bruiser, to that final scene, she’s never looked more precarious. But then again, all of this exposition is just a little too convenient, isn’t it? And I really feel like what Paige confided in Emily makes her more innocent than not. My guess...Jenna came to warn Emily and her friends about Cece; now there’s a girl that’s hiding something. Or even Nate; didn’t he seem a little on edge this week?

Allison was always painted as a total bitch, so that fact that she’s been on Paige’s bad side doesn’t give me any of a reason to make her more of a suspect, especially given how long that list was already. One thing I liked, though, was seeing Ali show fear. Clearly there was something about Paige that got to her, why else would she run from her the way she did. That’s why I’m not 100% certain about Paige’s hands being totally clean. There’s still more to this story, but there’s no way she could be there?

There was a great blend of drama and mystery this week, and it’s one of the first episodes in a while that I found myself actually invested in anything non-murder orientated. For once, Aria and Ezra’s troubles didn’t actually bore me to tears. Maybe there’s actually going to be something interesting where these guys are concerned, now that Aria is hiding some pretty big from him. Keeping secrets from her parents was one thing, but hiding something like this from him, something that isn’t just a secret blackmailer but somebody with a direct connection to his past, it’s going to come back at her.

I’m not sure about the whole ambiguity surrounding Emily and Nate’s kiss. There was such a big song and dance about Emily’s sexuality during the first season that it seems like it’s extorting something from nothing. I also think it’s a big part of why Emily and Maya’s connection was so strong. It was the first time Em was ever with anyone who she could be close with. It all seems little weaker now that she could be having feelings for Nate. Although, I could be proven wrong, maybe I could end up being sold on Emily widening her sexuality, but right now it all just seems a bit excessive.

Season 3 is full of subverted expectations, but not in any negative way. Story-lines continue to shock and excite me, which is why I’m still hanging in there, despite how many new questions pop up every week.


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