Teen Wolf 2.05 Venomous

Those of you who are familiar with some of the reviews I’ve posted in the past will know that I’m a sucker for a teen fantasy show. Though I’m happy enough to accept any series that straddles either side of the fence, genre wise, it’s the shows that blend the teen melo-drama with the over-the-top horror that really get me going. Venomous was the perfect representation of the type of series that I love, as the traditional teenage theatrics and not-so-traditional monster hysteria collided in an altogether amazing episode of Teen Wolf that was both exciting and intense.

As I’ve said before, a shortened season has allowed this show to really take its plot movement to the next level. The pacing of the show has been nothing short of stellar so far, and this episode really kicked things up a notch. After divulging all we needed to know about the Kanima, we actually found out the creatures true identity; Jackson. I’m not sure how I feel about this revelation, to be honest. It’s not one that feels altogether surprising, but it’s one that’s still quite a shock, especially in light of what a strong role he has in the series.

Though the episode’s main objective was all about unmasking our resident lizard, it was the setting of the episode’s events that made it successful. Strong teen genre shows tend to let slide the fact that their main characters are still young school students, especially given the heavy extracurriculars that they take on. In some cases it’s fine, but in other instances it makes taking said series seriously a little difficult. Teen Wolf has always kept that issue a part of its ideal, and it’s made the show all the better for it.

From the class room location of Lydia’s big monster test, to that amazing bitch-off between Allison and Erica in the more traditional horror setting later on, this episode felt like it was always making full use of its position in the middle of two of televisions biggest clicks, by blending them together in new and fun ways. It’s characteristic of a team of writers who are only getting stronger as time goes on.


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