Teen Wolf 2.07 Restraint

I’m so confused, which isn’t really a bad thing when it comes to shows like Teen Wolf. Mind games are part of their shtick, so finishing an episode and wondering where the hell the last 40 minutes went means something is going very right. On top of the usual twists, Restraint wall-to-wall crazy, with a hell of a lot of screaming, and even more people being blown about like dust bunnies. I’ll tell you one thing; this show is anything but boring.

As far as episode titles go, Restraint couldn’t have been more misleading. Any ounce of self-control the writers have exhibited in the past was dropped, just as that snake came pouring out of Jackson’s eye socket. All this sounds like it’s heading somewhere negative, but it’s not. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Teen Wolf has officially proven that it’s got what it takes to compete on the same level as its fall-spring counterparts. I could easily settle into a week of blood guzzling in Mystic Falls on one end, and shifting and howling on Beacon Hills on the other, wouldn’t you?

The stories themselves were still strong, despite all the craziness overshadowing them a little. Lydia’s bore the creepiest of revelations, even if it’s one that’s a little confusing. From what I could gather, Peter’s bite created some sort of link with Lydia, meaning he can use her to finish what he started, or maybe even use her to resurrect him from wolf hell. I’m not sure which path the show will take, ‘cause either one would be great, or if they’ll turn this whole thing on its ass with some crazy ass twist, very likely, but I’m pretty excited for it to finally go somewhere beyond Lydia having weird visions.

One of my favourite parts of this episode was seeing Erica a bit more. I mentioned in my review of Ice Pick that I like new characters’ introductions to be staggered, it makes their integration into the fold a lot easier to take. Here, Erica was given a few more layers, but it was done in a way that didn’t undermine anyone else. It’s ensemble writing at its best, really. I like that she confessed to having feelings for Stiles, too; maybe this will give him a shot at actually competing with Scott’s very active love-life. That was quite a box of condoms he and Allison tore through.

That brings me to the only down side of this episode; Scott and Allison. I’ve been a fan of the whole secret love affair thing, it’s teen gold, but there were a few moments in this episode that just felt so forced and staged. Was it really that big of a deal for Allison to stay behind and help Matt? I didn’t think so, but Scott sure did. What I did like, was seeing Mrs Argent scare the living crap out of Scott at the front desk. That woman is plain batty.

Restraint was still top notch, and almost every aspect of this series is in overdrive right now. It kind of makes me nervous about how quickly this show could fall apart. Maybe I’m just being too pessimistic, though.


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