Teen Wolf 2.10 Fury

In terms of well constructed mysteries, the resulting conclusion should always be somewhat satisfying, at least in terms of explanation and exposition. As an episode, Fury was pretty exciting, but the conclusion to the season long quest to discover the truth about the Kanima’s master was kind of half assed and contrived. It spoiled things a little, for me.

So, Matt’s reasoning behind his indirect killing spree is that he ended up in some life threatening position in terms of someone else’s stupidity. It should have taken a lot more than his near-drowning to screw him up as much as it did. As far as his defence goes, it’s one of the flimsiest I’ve seen in a television setting in a long time, but I guess it goes further in the quest to make him seem even more nuts. All of his weird stalker moments made a whole lot of sense all of a sudden. In terms of excitement, his turn in Fury was pretty fun to watch, especially when it involved Stiles and Derek dry humping. Only on Teen Wolf.

The show has been naturally building to Allison’s turn into hunter territory for the past few weeks, and Fury sort of served as her initiation into the group. The death of her mother was the perfect way to get her on their side; a personal tragedy that instantly depicts the wolves’ side of things as evil and dangerous. Gerard’s manipulation is getting creepier as the season progresses too, and seeing him turn Allison and team-up with the Kanima all in one episode made him even more sickening than he was before.

I’m not sure what his secret affiliation with Scott means, though; I kind of feel like I missed a whole chunk of an episode somewhere. Does their partnership mean that Scott’s growing bond with Derek is all lies? I hope not, I really liked seeing them grow closer the past few weeks, instead of going at each others’ throats like they did before.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any more nuts, they pull even more silliness out of the bag. But when that silliness is this amazing to watch, it can’t be a bad thing. Season 2 is showing no signs of slowing down, so we should just let it do its thing.


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