Once Upon a Time 2.06: Tallahassee

Emma's been one of the show's biggest enignmas since the start. Now we finally get a glimpse into her past, a past littered with all the betrayals and harshness that you'd expect. It's an insight that's arrived at exactly the right time and neglected arcs aside, the show is continuing to strive this season, even if it's CGI is the sloppiest I've ever seen.

I mean, following that Giant chase was pretty funny, but somehow the show seems to work beyond that, and I still got sucked into the whole spectacle of it.  I especially loved the references to the humans in this land being less than honest about what went down in the past; maybe there's a shadier side to the Enchanted Forest that isn't all down to the main culprits (Regina I'm looking at you). Gorge Garcia was a hoot as well, pulling off yet another cute and cuddly character, not a stretch for him, but it's what he does best.

Prickly and strong is what Emma does best, and those are traits we've come to understand as remenants of her shady history. Hook asks Emma if she's ever loved, and we find out through some pretty great flashbacks that she's only ever loved someone once before; Neal, who we met briefly in Broken. And hey, we saw another familiar face too; August, in a different but similarly ill fitted jacket, who prevents Emma and Neal from running off into the sunset together by convincing her lover that he's preventing her from achieving what she was born to do.  I shouldn't be surprised that the person who hurt Emma most of all was only doing it for her own good, but I still wish there was a small chance of the show going super dark with a storyline like this. I'm still happy with how this episode turned out, though.

I even enjoyed the bonding between Snow and Aurora over their shared experiences with sleeping curses. I'm still not completely sold on Aurora as a character yet, she's only been a floating figure since the premiere, but this is the first time we've seen something different from her. It's not just experiences of the sleeping curses that these guys seem to share either, as our other cursee in Storybrooke let us know; they seem to share similar ominous dreams, too, the significance of which I can only continue to speculate about.

It's great seeing the show drive forward with such confidence this season, a confidence that's brought out some of the greatest moments it's had in it's 24 episode run. It's also great to see the fog being lifted on some of our heroes' back-stories. Can we have less of these ominous objects though? One more msyterious package and I think my brain might explode.



Henry and Auroras' dreams take place in a red room, with flaming curtains and a mysterious woman watching them. Any guesses what this might mean?

This episode seems to hint at Neal being Henry's birth father; how long until he surfaces in Storybrooke?

He Said, She Said

Hook: “Have you ever even been in love?”

Giant: “...You're all killers.”
Emma: “You're wrong.”

Snow: “We go back together. That is the only way.”

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  1. The most interesting aspect to this episode for me was the “Tallahassee” sequence when Neil leaves Emma. She was smart not to trust Hook with that information, (too strange he asked) and Cora is inevitably the seeker of that information. She knows the best way to corrupt someone’s heart is to hurt the person they love. I like how the episode turned out too. OUAT is my daughter’s pick for a show to watch together, but I got hooked (no pun intended, lol!). I was so glad when I learned from my DISH coworker that my new Hopper DVR from DISH has thousands of hours of HD recording time because now I score brownie points with my daughter by recording and saving all of the episodes.

  2. ^ Oh God, you get these f*ckers, too?? It starts out all, "yeah, legit comment and conversation", before becoming all Hopper Dish DVR bullsh*t. Ugh. And supposedly it's legal, too, and not considered spamming. I Googled it a while ago and supposedly they're popping up all over Blogger -- awful people.

    Anyway, I had been meaning to comment for a while, but I gotta say that your OUAT reviews have been on fire lately. I don't even watch the show, but they're consistently perceptive, tight, well-written and informative. You just get the show, you know? Really great work, Panda.

  3. TELL me about it. I was all like "Aw, a new user" then, yeah, you know the rest.

    Thanks incredibly nice of you, thanks! I've been trying to give them a bit more of a flow, but I wasn't sure if it showed or not. Have you considered giving the show a shot at all?

  4. Guys what is that DISH thing! It's a really weird form of advertising I thought it was just me! And it's bizarre because it starts out as a very legit comment!!

  5. I'm not sure, but it's the most annoying thing ever. I always thought this kind of thing was automated, like a spam bot, but there has to be a person actually writing these, no?

  6. http://www.expertlaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144043


    And, yeah, I probably won't start watching this show. It's one of those things that just doesn't really interest me enough to actually tune in, especially since I've never heard that it's actually great, and more that it dips in and out in terms of quality. And I've gotten fairytale fatigue lately. It's like the go-to thing for Hollywood, which is a little annoying.