Teen Wolf 3.01: Tattoo

‘Tatoo’ was the equivalent of a broken elevator that never takes a straight trip to the top. Instead it makes all the pit-stops in random order, without any regard for who’s waiting on each floor. It’s only when it reaches the penthouse that you finally see the light. I’m really glad I stayed on board until it got there.

Maybe it was 9 months away from the show, but I think I was a little throttled by everything that went down here. Straight away we were thrown into the thick of it with the new Alpha pack chasing Isaac down, and immediately establishing their bit bad status. That poor guy didn’t stand a chance against them, who knows if Scott’s gang will fare any better.

This mystery girl certainly didn’t after they made quick work of her. As brash as they were, I think I like the idea of a pack infiltrating Beacon Hills. They’ve all got personality, and enough brawn to put half of the guys we already have to shame, so they fit right in. I wonder why Scott is so important to them. What potential does he have? Is he just incredibly powerful, or does he have some purpose we don’t know yet?

His priorities seem a lot more focused since we last saw him. He seems to be on top of his studying, and he’s made a hard choice to leave Allison out of his life. I don’t think it’s going to be that easy any more, now that she’s back in town, and being forced back into the fold after Mystery Girl grilled her about Scott. I don’t think she’ll be following her father’s orders of staying out of wolf business, especially if it keeps pulling her back in like this.

That last scene made it seem like Erica and Boyd are still alive somewhere, being held captive by who we can only assume are this alpha pack. But does their arrival explain why those birds went all suicidal on the high school? Or why that deer charged down Lydia’s car? If last season is any indication, that there’s bound to be a lot more than meets the eye about everything we’ve seen here, and I’m incredibly excited to what it’s all about. This episode may have been a little over the top, but I think that’s to be expected with Teen Wolf, and is a little craziness ever really a bad thing?



Colton Haynes’ absence was explained in 20 seconds. Apparently Jackson was moved to London by his father. Obviously Colton is busy with Arrow right now, but I’m glad the doors been left open for his return some day.

Did that new English teacher really go to the trouble of getting the entire class’ numbers just to send them a weird quote? She made a point, but it was a lot more work that it was worth. Just saying.

I liked Scott’s explanation of why he wanted a tattoo. Don’t know if his Mom will be too impressed by it, though. Don’t you need parental permission if you’re under age?

He Said, She Said

Lydia: “An American werewolf in London, like that’s not gonna be a disaster.”

Lydia: “Prada bit me.”
Stiles: “Your dog?!”
Lydia: “No, my designer handbag...yes, my dog.”

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