Teen Wolf 3.12: Lunar Ellipse

‘Lunar Ellipse’ was a fitting end to the first half of the season. Story lines were tied up and given resolution, and almost everything that came up during the season was brought together in a fun, explosive and crazy way, which is definitely in keeping with the past 2 finales we’ve seen.

There were a few fun call backs to the past at the start of this episode. I loved that the location of the sacrifices was a place that tied Allison, Stiles and Scott together. We even got a chance to see the crazy Mrs. Argent again, and that’s never a bad thing. It was a nice way of remembering where the show started, now especially since Scott has finally become a full Alpha.

This show has definitely come a long way, but I’m glad that one of the show’s first big villains is making a comeback. Peter’s been lurking in the background a lot, and I enjoy his sarcasm too much to have him relegated to supporting act for much longer. His declaration of power after killing Jennifer was completely over the top, but I was just so happy to see him become a major player again to care too much about it.

Jennifer dying at the hands of Peter was a little odd, but her story was definitely brought full circle. The way she took down Kali was fitting, and kind of brilliant. The visuals in that scene alone were amazing on their own, with the broken shards of glass floating then tearing Kali to pieces. It’s also fitting that she would die in such a brutal way. Jennifer may not have gotten to Deucalion, but she brought down the woman directly responsible for what happened to her, even if her joy was short lived.

I was kind of rooting for her to off Deucalion in a way. I’m surprised that Derek’s only way to weaken Jennifer was to help Deucalion regain his sight, but it made sense considering what he’s just learnt about the loss of power when you heal someone.

Teen Wolf Season 3A has been a lot of fun. So far, the show has earned it’s boosted episode order, with just a few missteps here and there. ‘Lunar Ellipse’ was the perfect capper to all that, and a great way of getting the show into a great place to start the second half of the season. Now that Teen Wolf is going into its first non-summer episode run, I’m glad that it’s proven that it’s still at the top of its game.



I’m glad the twins didn’t die.

The arrival of Scott’s father was really over shadowed, but I assume he’ll be a big part of 3B.

He Said, She Said

Cora: “If you want to fight and die for something, that’s fine with me, but do it for something meaningful.”

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