Once...in Wonderland 1.05: Heart of Stone

This episode made me smile. It was the first time I felt that Wonderland was the show it was meant to be from the start. It just sucks that we won’t get to see much more of it.

Anastasia is the main reason I liked this episode so much. Partially because it justified her ridiculous accent, but partially because we saw so many sides of her that we hadn’t seen before, like how much she craved a different life, and how her stringent upbringing courtesy of her hypocritical mother made her desperate to prove herself.

I guess there are a lot of similarities between Anastasia and Regina, but Regina never had Will, who exists as a painful reminder of the life she left behind, and how she hurt the person she used to love. Now that we’ve learned about how Ana betrayed him, and how she used her fairy magic (which she got primarily to protect herself) to bring him back, there’s a lot more to the dynamics of the series. I think it says a lot about Ana that she didn’t stick around until the spell completed. It’s one less person she’s blackmailed under her control.

Now the Rabbit is being pulled in by Jafar as well, but maybe not in the same way. Is it possible that we could get a fun flashback to his pre-Alice days? I guess that may not be justified if he’s not considered a proper character in his own right.

He does seem to still care for Alice, and wants to see her and Cyrus reunited. I’m glad that he’s escaped Jafar’s weird bird cage prison now, and he’s actually out doing something that isn’t sitting around pining after Alice. There’s definitely a long way to go before they are reunited, and I guess I’m not all that sure about this love story, but it’s great that things are getting a lot more interesting for them.



I wonder what happened to the King.

Who is it that Alice cares about outside of Wonderland? Her father?

Insert pun about how many times we heard "darling" during this episode here.

He Said, She Said

Anastasia: “We all come to Wonderland looking for something Darling.”

Anastasia: “I’m many things darling, but pure of heart isn’t one of them.”

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