Teen Wolf 3.15: Galvanize

It’s obvious how much fun the writers have been having this season. With all crazy gore so far, it’s hard to imagine any other teen show that rivals it right now and rightly so. ‘Galvanize’ was another in an unbroken run of typical Teen Wolf fare, with even more of last week’s gross out moments, and a few more twists along the way.

Arden Cho has shined since she arrived on the scene, and this week Kira’s stronger presence gave her an even greater chance to show off her likability. When you split up a teen series’ signature couple the next girl in line is always going to meet a certain amount of hostility, but given how little there is to hate about Kira, I don’t think any reaction to her and Scott being more than friends will be overly negative.

Now that she’s part of the supernatural crowd, and not just a source of Kitsune exposition, she’s even more integral to the season. Throwing another unknown creature into the already well diversified mix would be a problem in any other series, but in Teen Wolf it’s just more fuel for the wacky fire.

The Shrapnel Bomber was the perfect combination of over the top and reserved creepy, and he came at just the right time, when he would be milked for all the kooky horror that he’s worth. Bonus points to any Buffy fans that recognised him (I didn't)! It’s almost bizarre that the usual teen drama sits so well into an episode where a teenage killing monster is loose on the high school, but I guess that’s Teen Wolf.

Naturally certain characters have been sidelined in favour of others, like Derek and Peter who seem a little cut off from Beacon Hills right now, but it’s not in any way that’s hurting the series, since things are still in overdrive. Who isn’t loving this show right now?



I really like Allison Isaac together. He’s fitting into the group so well.

What the hell is Kira? Regardless, I like that she isn’t just after a guy, just some new friends.

He Said, She Said

Kira: “You seem like a really nice guy. And not just because you kept me from getting eaten by a coyote.”

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