iZombie 3.09: Twenty-Sided, Die

Some of the investigations this season have been very much PD-by-the-numbers, but ‘Twenty-Sided, Die’ is a great example of how iZombie can change the game at any time.

The case of the week here involved a deceased Dungeons and Dragons game master, which inevitably led to some funny moments. Rose McIver is wonderful at tackling such vastly different personalities week-to-week and the brain here is no different. You can tell she enjoyed the hell out of playing this nerdy megalomaniac with a taste for the dramatic. Though I did feel like the game of D&D the gang played went on a bit too long, I almost didn’t notice because of how brilliant she was in the scene. In fact, I would say that it was a fantastic example of how strong the chemistry is between the entire cast, which has grown so much this season.

The investigation here was fun to watch unfold, with characters like Jimmy and creepy IT guy coming back and providing a touch of familiarity of the proceedings. But in the end, it proved to be just a catalyst for Bozzio’s return. I have to say, I’m happy to see her back on the show, particularly because I enjoy any opportunity to see more of Clive. I’m also happy to see how the series can take the standard formula and turn it on its head half way through an episode. We didn’t get our usual confession from the suspect, instead we learned of the victim’s involvement in something far more sinister than an intense board game gone wrong. Hopefully we get to see how this FBI investigation unfolds, if only to keep Bozzio in the picture for as long as possible.

Peyton’s probe into the Dominatrix case is finally linked back to the zombie underworld, after she had a slightly shady confrontation with the potential (zombie) Mayor Baracus. Also worth noting, he was already a suspect in the original investigation; now he’s pretty much suspect number one. Did FG play a role in saving him from prosecution? And, of course, who tried to have him killed? Was it the zombie truthers or someone else?

They seemed to have Baracus pegged as a zombie suspect, so the truthers’ intel is pretty accurate. Ravi’s role as a mole during their get together proved vital in stopping them from causing a massive zombie apocalypse of their own making, but I don’t know how much more Ravi can single-handedly stop before they cross the line. And they can only be more dangerous now that they have an actual zombie locked away.

Poor Don E. Did he take a more potent part of Blaine’s serum soaked brain or did he just eat too much? Will he return to normal zombie form or is he stuck in a feral state from now on? I hope he’s not because I’ve grown to like him recently, and I love having him around as Blaine’s “person”. Bryce Hodgson is fantastic as well. He’s able to command a lot of attention in such a small role.


All of Liv’s narrating on game master brain made me think about how little we’ve had Liv’s voice over this season.

Ravi’s fake accent...

It’s nice that Ravi hid all of Major’s hate mail so he wouldn’t get upset, but why didn’t he just destroy it? Reading it all at once probably did more damage to Major than reading a bit at a time.

How adorable was Clive during the D&D game?

Major met up with a woman named Shawna, who seems to know about him being innocent of being the Chaos Killer. What is she guilty/not guilty of?

Stacey Boss is back! I’m guessing Blaine is in big trouble.

He Said, She Said

Major: “Lich, please.”

Liv: “I think playing all night might've been a bad idea.”
Clive: “Now that I've leveled up, I get two attacks a round. That's gonna be tight.”

You could see this season’s big picture starting to take shape here, particularly during the party scene when Peyton and Liv’s b-plots merged together. The zombie vs. Human war is also starting to kick off, with both sides getting more and more riled up. It’s the best part about iZombie’s story machinations. All of the seemingly small-fry stuff almost always plays a role in the major narrative in some way. We’re starting to see that come to play again, and it’s such a rewarding experience for viewers who tune in week to week.


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