Ugly Betty 1.15 'Brothers'

A lot of episodes post ‘I’m Coming Out’ see the show facing a directional crisis. Without one of the show’s biggest enigmas to drive it forward, there wasn’t much sense of where the show could go. Brothers escapes that fate by tying itself onto the big reveal of the previous week, which saw one of the show’s biggest characters make her debut. And in this case, the fall-out is almost as chaotic as the big reveal itself and due to a big end-of-episode twist, the story promises some even more juicy material down the road. This story isn't over yet.

Daniel and the rest of the Meades deal with Alex’s return as Alexis in 'Brothers'. Meanwhile, Betty tries to balance her relationship with Walter with her friendship with Henry, and Hilda is distressed when Justin turns to Santos instead of her for advice.

It’s clear that Alexis’s primary goal is revenge against Bradford, but what I love seeing most is watching her attempt to repair the relationships between herself and her mother. With all of the hostility Alexis is facing it’s great to see one person rejoice at having this person back in their lives. It may be under strange circumstances, but Claire’s reaction to Alexis is just the kind of reaction you’d expect from a mother, and it’s partly the reason why I enjoyed her presence on the show so much. The big reveal at the end of this episode helps to keep this show moving on past last week’s bombshell, and keeps this show from sinking like it does further down the line.

Given both of their proclivities for antagonism, Daniel and Bradford experienced a supremely different reaction to Alexis than Claire had. Unable to cope with Alexis’s return, Daniel handles it by putting up an offensive front, and refuses to let Alexis in. But, it’s hard to really fault him for it. How would you react if the brother you idolized for so long, and mourned over for years, just popped back into your life. Not to mention the whole penis-lessness thing.

More Betty drama coincides with all of the crazy Meade shenanigans and ridiculous encounters elsewhere in surprisingly sweet fashion, at least, for this plotline. Brothers marks Walter’s final appearance in Betty-ville as he finally succumbs to the inevitable, and says goodbye to Betty for good. It’s a bittersweet moment, but not due to Walter’s impending exit (that could have been a little sooner if you ask me),  but due to us seeing Betty realize that she’s no longer the girl she used to be. For better or worse, she’s changed, and there’s no room for Walter in this new Betty’s life. Unfortunately, Walter’s exit sparks the Henry storyline into full gear, promising more faux awkwardness and more of the strangely proportioned Christopher Gorham next week. Ugh.

One of my favourite things about the Suarez family is their strong belief that everyone shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. Hilda let Justin express who he was without pause, and as a result, he saw fit to let Hilda do the same. Though she may have a penchant for “over-accessorizing”, she’s her own person, and it’s so great that Justin sees that and knows that it’s something to own, and not be ashamed of.

I’m still enjoying this blow-up like crazy, and the past few episodes have been an incessant ride of crazy, I just hope this wackiness and entertainment can be maintained.


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