Veronica Mars 2.07 'Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner'

Stellar use of minor characters and incredibly intelligent script make this episode one the series’ best. The lighter cases are usually lots of fun, ‘Like a Virgin’ proved that much, but when it goes dark, it sets itself aside from any other show remotely in its genre and proves what an amazing out of the box series it is. While the attention grabbling case is the main focus this week, the episode also gives its on-going stories some attention, continuously moving the forward.

‘Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner’ blends the noir with dark humour and the outcome is twisted, and totally disturbing. All of V’s babysitting scenarios were equally hilarious as the past, and the show really milked them in all the right ways; even the deleted scenes were quite amazing. A lot of familiar faces popped up during too, like Deborah Fuller from ‘Kanes and Abels’. The writers always made sure that we knew they were dealing with a town where you would inevitably fun into the same people over again. Even Veronica’s girls’ night had a face or two we already knew, like Madison. It’s also interesting seeing her so uncomfortable in a situation like she was in at Gia’s, when we’ve already seen what a ‘girly girl’ she used to be with Lily (‘Wannabe’ anyone?!).

The final scenes were filled with eeriness and were equally intriguing as they were creepy; the use of French group Air’s “Run” was a particularly genius move. They also managed to throw in some interesting developments for Lamb’s character while they were at it. It’s something that was never really mentioned again, and I’m glad it never was. This kind of thing is something that should retain a bit of a mystique, and be left up to the viewers to appraise themselves. Personally I like to think Lamb put an end to Gracie’s torture, and constantly checked up on the Mannings to prevent somebody going through what I’m assuming is something he himself faced from his own father.

More information is still being divulged about both the bus crash and Logan’s incident on the bridge and while Veronica’s horrific discovery about the Manning family is what makes this episode, it still feels like one that’s part of a bigger picture; pretty amazing stuff.


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