Veronica Mars 2.14 Versatile Toppings

Versatile Toppings tackles a heavy issue with remarkable ease and realism, a feat that is rarely accomplished with being too preachy and demoralizing. It also drives the increasingly complicated bus crash story forward, a story that’s continuing to line up suspects and scenarios to widen our field of possible culprits. There’s a lot to like about this episode, but mostly it’s Veronica herself that makes such a cumbersome situation seem so breezy and entertaining.

I like the way that they tackled the whole ‘Gay’ thing. It was all very low key, not at all like that offensive dribble that gets peddled elsewhere, even now in an even more modern world (i.e. Glee). The weirdest part of Veronica’s standalone case this week is that there’s actually someone half-way decent behind it all. I’m all for tearing the morally corrupt down, who doesn’t love Ronnie humiliating someone like that, but it’s nice to uncover someone who did it all for somewhat understandable reasons. Veronica was a total bad-ass with the sleuthing here though. “Did you just call me lady?!”: one of her greatest lines.

The bus crash mystery is starting to take shape here. It’s a little early to nail the real culprit, so one can deduce that there’s more to this whole Terence thing than meets the eye. Veronica’s discovery of this evidence is still another major milestone, almost echoing her realisation about Duncan’s possible involvement in his sister’s death last season, though it lacked some of the power of that revelation, given the lack of personal involvement on Veronica’s part. But it’s starting to feel more relevant with the growing friendship between Jackie and Veronica, something that we saw the start of in the previous episode, and something I like quite a bit.

One thing that I’m missing a lot, though are Veronica’s voice-overs. They bring a personal element to the show that makes it that much easier to get swept up in her life. Maybe that’s why this season’s big mystery isn’t as intimate. Not that I’m not enjoying the heck out of this season, since it’s holding up really well so far.


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