Veronica Mars 2.15 The Quick and the Wed

Sometimes there are secluded mysteries that tend to drag Veronica Mars down a little. The Quick and the Wed was all a little too dull; a case with very little build up and all the excitement of a drying wall, but I like that this show still decorates its weaker stories with strong character work. In these situations it’s the dialogue and interaction that save the whole thing.

I said last week that it’s nice to see a mystery conclude with someone with half a heart being behind the whole thing. That’s all well and good, but when the entire build up is a total drag, it kinda takes the fun out of it. What made me like this episode a lot more than I should have was seeing Veronica have such a blast on her sleuthing adventures, and who doesn’t like a bit of Vinne side-action. I even ended up liking Heidi quite a bit. As far as once off characters go, she was a lot more interesting than she had any right to be.

Elsewhere, Logan and Hannah are really becoming a huge drain on the show. I like Logan, and I like Jessy Schram a lot, but as a character, Hannah is one of the show’s weakest creations, and I’m not enjoying all the attention this B-plot is getting. It has a point, and the reveal of Hannah’s father as Felix’s witness does give the whole thing more credence (even if the whole murder story-line has over-stayed its welcome), but it doesn’t stop me from gagging during every cutesy scene she and Logan share.

Charisma Carpenter continues to nail the whole sexed up- gold digger thing, and that meeting with Aaron was so creepy, disgusting and completely amazing. I love it when the writers pull characters together that have share no real back-story. I’m a big fan of shows that tend to play with odd dynamics now and again, and this dynamic was as odd as it gets, yet weirdly fitting. Here’s hoping they get more time together before season’s end.

In the grand scheme of things, The Quick and the Wed is one of the show’s weakest episodes in a while. That being said, it still showcased some really great character work, and you've got to commend it for that.



  1. I'm intrigued by what you think about Kendall long-term. I sort of phased in and out of season two, finding there were just way too many stories, and I remember thinking Kendall wound up an after-thought. She always popped up for about fifteen seconds in each episode, it seemed, and her story drifted off eventually.

    But I may be remembering wrong?

  2. I don't really discuss her all that much again until Welcome Wagon, actually. I didn't really find the volume of stories to be too much of an issue post Plab B either, since they wrap up a lot there and then. But she does get a lot less attention post Logan, which I guess is to be expected, right?

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Probably. I have a terrible memory with this show, so if I don't make a ton of sense, then that probably explains it. I just remember being engulfed by a ton of subplots all at once, especially the Irish gang (Fitzpatrick?) and the Weevil stuff. It's all a blur for me, though. Generally.