Veronica Mars 2.17 Plan B

At this point there were a number of various plots that were starting to take over. Plan B was all about wrapping up, at least in part, one of the season’s biggest arcs; who killed Felix? There were also a lot of other plots floating around, and though Plan B lacked structure, it feels like the year’s stories are already building towards something.

With Thumper now in charge of the PCHers, and Weevil on the outs, it felt right to see justice done to him, especially given what he had done to poor Weevs. But there was something so sinister about how Weevil went about his retribution that changed him. I know he was notorious for doing some pretty dodgy stuff, but framing Thumper and putting him in a situation he knew would not end well for Thumper was a step too far, even if it was the best way to dish out his just desserts. I always hated how neglected he got during the third season and I loved the screen-time he got during this season, but this really hinted at a major change here that I’m not sure was ever really explored enough.

Elsewhere, other minor characters are getting some well needed fleshing out. Logan’s increased solo screen-time is affording the show the opportunity to explore other disassociated stories that could never have been had the show been bound by the constraints of Veronica’s solo action. Woody, all American, people loving, and feely accepting sees some very strange development here. His scenes with Logan hinted at some very strange proclivities, proclivities that could very well be a result of his relationship with his tight reined wife.

One of my favourite parts of season 2 is seeing Mac getting more attention than she had before. Her relationship with Cassidy was the first time we actually learned more about the girl behind the highlights, at least since Silence of the Lamb, and it’s also one of the few times we actually see the effects that having such an over-powering older brother can have on someone as innocent and susceptible as Cassidy. Maybe it’s down to some other reason, but it seems here that Dick’s attitude towards his younger brother’s love life has forced him into becoming closed off in the face of going further with Mac.

With 3 Top Model cameos out of the way, and the season’s B mystery already wrapped up, all signs are pointing towards a finish line for Ronnie’s investigations, and this episode really put it on the right path.


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