Pretty Little Liars 3.07 Crazy

Pretty Little Liars is really stacking up the stories this season. Though I discussed last week the idea that some of these stories might be a serious weakness, sometimes they can all be strangely enjoyable, even if it gets a little hard to spot the calm in the middle of this mystery storm.

What makes Mona’s part in the series so amazing is that we’re actually witnessing the aftermath that a crazy spree can have on someone. Sure, it’s not the most realistic of depictions, and I think we’d all be pretty certain if we said we’ve not once come across a teenage girl, psycho or otherwise, who can speak in acronyms.  I gotta say though, I loved her mind games this week, and it’s great to finally see someone other than Hannah actually step in to confront her. Mona did ruin all four girls’ lives, so it makes sense that Aria would want to get her own word in somehow.

The website is a cool way of tying Ali and Maya’s mysteries together, as well. Both sort of serve a different purpose, especially since Maya was someone Em actually loved, and Ali was just a part of the group. It feels a lot different, but the fact that they’re interconnected makes the mystery that much more appealing. Sure, the series has for dropping plots at the drop of a hat, but I like that they’re actually running with this one. I wonder what could be on it?

Holly Marie Combs is a lady deserving of a lot more screen-time. It may be in the form of some lame “middle-aged woman finding herself” plot, but the show is tackling it a lot more interestingly than, for instance, Ezra’s unemployment. And the fact that Holly can light up even the dullest of stories makes me enjoy this stuff a lot more. I’m not sure what Ted’s date with Ella meant, though. Were he and Ashley exclusive? Is he actually a lot darker than he lets on?

The show could stand to continue with its already established plots and run with them a lot more. It gives us viewers a lot more to invest in the show if we know we’ll actually get something out of it eventually.


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