Veronica Mars 2.20 Look Who's Stalking

This is where the mega-tonne of clues and partial facts about the bus crash start to come together. This episode was all about straightening up a lot of what we knew, and tying it in with this new damaging information about one of Neptune’s finest. It’s also one of the show’s creepiest episodes, as it sets about to bring the season to a dark and disturbing conclusion.

Look Who’s Stalking played around with the simultaneous Goodman interaction going on in Veronica and Keith’s lives, in a similar way to when Veronica and Keith tried their hand at helping the Cooks scrape themselves out of a jam. It all tied together so well when Gia found herself at odds with Veronica, after Keith tried to protect himself against Woody. Them being at each others’ throats kind of added to the eeriness of the girls’ confrontation with Lucky, which just so happened to give us some teasing info on Woody’s not so friendly habits. Do we finally have the guy responsible for the death of all those kids?

I’m not a hardcore "shipper" fan by any means, nor am I a fan of the unruly amount of screen-time the Veronica/Logan saga gets next season, but the way that their scenes were handled during this episode made me re-evaluate my position on the whole thing, for now at least. Bell and Dohring seemed to capture all the sexual tension and unspoken words between them beautifully. I loved the music swelling around them as they grew closer, and Logan’s sloppy talk about their “epic” love. It was all cliché, but there was an awareness to it that spoke volumes. And that closing scene is pretty damn sad, too.

There are some pretty great moments elsewhere, as well. Like Mac and Madison’s joint relief at being freed from that incredibly awkward, and incredibly hilarious elevator ride to Alterna-Prom; and Kendall’s angry visit to Mars Investigations where all pretences have been dropped; and, of course, who can forget seeing the adorable not-so-deputy-anymore Leo, who is cute in a mumbly sort of way (apparently).

Season two makes a lot more sense towards the end, and this is the first episode where if finally felt like the fog was lifting.


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