Veronica Mars 2.21 Happy Go Lucky

Call me a stick in the mud, but some things are better left alone. Like the resolution of last season’s mystery. There was finality and a nice sense of closure for Veronica where Lily was concerned, and all this trial business kind of dug the whole thing up, essentially undermining the emotional repair that went on during the past year. Then again, if the digging up of old wounds is this great, who am I to complain?

When Aaron went down in Leave it to Beaver, it finally felt like justice had been done. Lily’s murder had been solved, the man responsible was paying for his crimes, and Veronica was able to move past one of the most traumatic experiences of her life. It all felt so right, that Aaron re-appearing, and subsequently convincing the world of his innocence just felt plain wrong. But it’s those dark moments, and the harshness of this turn of events that is handled so well by the writers that makes is sort of OK. This show never shied away from anything dark, and this was anything but light and fluffy material. It’s even more distressing when you realize what Veronica gave up to witness something that ended up tearing her apart. See ya Stanford, hello Hearst.

As a penultimate episode, Happy Go Lucky was overflowing with a sense of foreboding which sits in well this late in the season. Lucky’s fake-out at the high school sort of brought the whole mystery to that desperate stage, when people are so tired of hiding their secrets that they’ll try anything to be heard. And poor Gia, first she gets hit up at lunch, then she finds out her father is a molesting creep. Too bad we never got to see the fallout of that news where she and the rest of the Goodman’s are concerned.

There’s a lot out on the table now, you’d hope there would be this late in the game, but you can tell there’s more to the story than we already know, a lot of burning questions, questions I’m sure we’ll get the answers to very soon.


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