Once Upon a Time 2.15: The Queen is Dead

What happens when light turns dark? We’ve known since the word go that Snow was as pure as they come. She always did what’s best for the ones she loved, always placed her friends’ needs ahead of her own, and always saw the good in people. But what makes her do these things? How did she learn to be this paragon of good? That’s what this episode was all about.

‘The Queen is Dead’ allowed us to understand what lessons Snow had to learn to become the woman she is now. It may not have all been learned from one lesson from her mother, it may have taken time to become a part of who she is, but sacrificing her mother’s life to do what’s right was a huge leap for a young girl to make. She’s always had good inside of her, but what happens if she lets that go?

Cora is going out of her way to make sure that happens, just to spite Snow’s mother. What went down between them? It sure seems like a lot if Cora has been working on her plan of revenge for as long as she has. Between her poisoning Snow’s mother, tricking her and killing the innocent Johanna Cora has never looked more repulsive than she does now. Regina looks like a tellytubby in comparison.

Back in New York Rumple seems to be losing his grip on his own kindness as he struggles to get Bae’s trust back. It’s a hard thing fighting to reclaim something like that, but it seems to be getting to him; he snapped at Henry quite quickly. Emma seems to be having the same trouble, but something tells me her tactics towards repairing her relationship with her son will be a little different to Rumples. It also seems like she’s gonna be distracted by a something else; looks like Neil may not be as alone as we thought.

So now things are picking back up again. ‘The Queen is Dead’ managed to catapult the show back to a place where I finally find myself excited to see where things will go from here, and I think that’s all down to the questions we left this episode with. Will Emma start to gain Henry’s trust again? What happened between Cora and Eva? Most importantly, will Snow really go down the dark side? Hopefully the trip down Cora lane next week will help answer some of these questions.



Young Snow was more than annoying in this one. Someone revoke her membership to over-actors anonymous.

Something that looks like Rose McGowan makes a guest appearance as young Cora next week.

He Said, She Said

Johanna: “You’ll always be my dear Snow.”

Snow: “I could have healed you, but I was too afraid.”
Eva: “Snow, that wasn’t fear, that was strength; strength to resist darkness.”

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