Veronica Mars 3.09: Spit and Eggs

Spit and Eggs is more than just a thrill ride. It's an accomplished episode that masterfully ties up the season's opening arc, and convincingly sets up the following one. It's full of great character insight, surprising twists, game-changing acts of love and a killer chase sequence. Toy unicorns; who knew, right?!

There is so much to love about it. ‘Right Here, Right Now’ (one of my favourite dance tracks); Mac’s triumphant return (you really miss her when she’s gone); the OMFGness of Mercer actually being the rapist after all; the amazing chase sequence that follows that; Parker saving the day; Logan getting himself arrested...

The episode took the storyline that we’d seen unfold since the season’s beginning and interwove it with all of the clues and characters that had been involved in it from the very beginning; like the prisoner/guard experiment which suddenly made a lot of sense. Spit and Eggs also got the creepy vibe which you’d expect from a story like this, especially with Moe’s hair collection falling on Veronica; I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

But if the idea behind the big set-up to Dean O’Dell’s murder was for the big shock at the end, it wasn’t very successful. If you didn’t know a murder was coming they made it painfully obvious. What it did right was line up all of the potential suspects and scenarios that could be run though once it lands on Veronica and Keith to figure out who was responsible, which is obviously what’s going to happen next.

After a few weeks of constant melodrama, Logan finally pulls the plug on his relationship with Veronica. There’s no doubt that she’s been a constant pain in the ass these past few weeks, but if you think about it, it’s nothing she can help. Ever since Lilly died she’s been forced to look after herself, and hasn’t really relied upon a significant other half for anything. Duncan was never really the big hero, more a sensitive shoulder to cry on whenever she needed it. Logan was constantly trying to become her valiant protector, and that’s something she’s never needed, or wanted. Watching her break down you can see that there’s still a lot that she keeps bottled up inside; maybe she ought to re-think her stance on a Prince Charming.

And with that, the first arc of season 3 is done. It’s definitely a strong one, and the idea of smaller mysteries definitely worked out well in this instance, but it’ll take a lot to recreate another that is written with such precision, and strengthened by ties to a hard-hitting motif. And, finished with an episode like this obviously. I'll say it again; watch out for those toy unicorns!



  1. Off-topic; I love your banner. I'm excited to see OUAT season two especially now that EdR is a regular.

    Also, I love Veronica's closing voiceover to 3.07, because she mentions Stan from South Park. Heh, I love her little references to that show throughout the years. IIRC, she calls someone Towelie at the end of the season.

    Never particularly cared for the Veronica/Logan relationship, their snarking aside, so their breakup really does nothing for me. Although Logan's constant need to protect her kicking in can be interesting.

    The rapist arc gets less and less watchable with every rewatch for me, but there are definitely some strong moments. The chase sequences feel like they're ripped from a horror movie, but in the best way, and the song really energises the scenes. Veronica in peril is difficult to watch, but it's cool that our heroine is intelligent enough to run, hide, and stab when required.

    Love that Parker pretty much saves Veronica, especially because of what Mercer did to her.

    Mac also continues to be glorious. The snark! Her entire presence at the party, her std t-shirt, just...everything.

    Show Me The Monkey is one of my very favourites, should be fun to see what you thought of it.

  2. I'm surprised about your comment about this arcs re-watchability. I personally feel like it hols up extremely well.

    Loved all of Mac's moments here as well, that STD shirt was hilarious!

  3. Glad to see new reviews, Panda. I say the same damn thing on every one of these VM reviews, but I can't comment on specifics because I've only ever watched the show once and that was years ago, but I remember adoring Spit and Eggs and the entire first arc that opened the year. Then I just remember the whole season rapidly falling off from there, the finale in particular.

    Fantastic writing, as always, Panda.