Veronica Mars 3.07: Of Vice and Men

The one thing running through my mind as I watched this episode was how it was the first time I ever found myself disliking Veronica, even if it was only partially. She spends most of this episode acting like a stubborn Nazi, but in the end her behaviour became necessary and this episode turned into something rather great.

Veronica turns against the men who love her most during ‘Of Vice and Men’, and turns a cold shoulder so they know that she’s not happy with their dishonest behaviour, but what got to me was how Veronica is no saint either. She’s made her fair share of doozies, and her loved ones always stuck by her. It’s the big lesson to come out of this episode, and in the end I found her irrational behaviour made sense, but she made it hard to not feel frustrated at her unfounded hatred towards Logan and Keith. The final scene is probably what sold this episode so well. From that creepy run in with the rapist, to Veronica finding herself saved and nursed by the two people who love her no matter what.

I really liked how Veronica helping Meryl to track down her boyfriend fed into her believing the worst in people. She has seen a lot of dark truths, but seeing this all work out felt like one moment where she finally saw that not all realities are full of doom and gloom, sometimes they can be something completely different; sometimes people can be right in assuming their loved ones’ best intentions.

The way that Keith ended his romance with Harmony was inevitable, but man was it hard to watch. The chemistry between them was radiant and it was nice to see Keith get something go his way for a change. It put him in quite an interesting position though, when he finds himself being targeted by Vinnie Van Lowe’s signature move, and has to rationalise what he’s doing. I like to live in hope that if the story were to continue past this season they’d have found they’re happy ending, but maybe that’s the dreamer in me talking.

The rapist mystery continues to unfold in a fascinating way, and season 3 is proving it’s still the show that I fell in love with in the first place.


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