Veronica Mars 3.08: Lord of the Pi's

This is one of those episodes that always bored me to tears. Now, I’m not saying that it’s bad on the whole, because thanks to the various moments of Veronica and Keith’s amazing interaction it was saved but when the main story behind the episode is flat and devoid of anything interesting at all it's hard to care about how it all ends.

Various moments of pure genius helped this episode along though (“The park is closed, the walrus out from should have told you”), and Veronica and Keith’s chemistry almost reminds me of the Halliwells' in Charmed. No matter how bad an episode could get, it was always able to come back to that element to keep an episode together. Veronica and Keith working together, Veronica taking the college side, and Keith tackling the older angle was fun to see, since they make an amazing duo when they work together, but it’s a shame it was slightly wasted on something like this.

You can see that the writers were trying their best to listen to the major shipper fans by giving Veronica and Logan quite a bit of attention. The major downside to the over reliance on this story is how badly it depicts Veronica, who appears as nothing more than a narrow minded distrusting shrew. You can see why their relationship was starting to crumble, but why Veronica never took a second to listen to Logan is quite frustrating, especially given what had happened to her just last week.

So, yeah, kinda disappointing, but the blow of a weaker episode is lessened by what’s just around the corner.


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