Pretty Little Liars 3.06 Remains of the 'A'

I’ve said before that I’ve always been a bigger fan of the episodes of Pretty Little Liars that place mystery ahead of real-life drama. That becomes an even bigger issue when anything resembling normality starts to become a drain on the show, and that’s never been a bigger problem where Aria and Professor Dullsville are concerned. Why should we care about Ezra’s dwindling funds, when there’s a lot more fun to be had elsewhere?

What was so great about the opening stretch of the season was that it used these side-plots as a catalyst to further the main narrative. Right now it feels like there’s a serious disconnect between the two. And that disconnect wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the show’s B-plots were lot more entertaining. I’m no fan shipper, but I like Aria and Ezra, I honestly do, but I just don’t like the idea of their relationship troubles taking precedent over everything else. Seasons 1 through 2 managed to connect it a lot stronger to the central plots by having Mona meddling in their relationship from afar. Now it just feels a little unnecessary.

Even so, I loved what went on everywhere else this week. Hannah and Toby’s night out was a great way to explore a few different pairings that the show hasn’t done before, especially since most of his screen-time is spent hanging off Spencer’s arm. It was also great seeing Spencer spend more time with her now half-brother, especially considering what a strong connection he has to Allison. He’s quite the un-tapped well of information. And though it’s easy to place Ashley and Ted’s flirting into the same category as Aria and Ezra, there’s still a reason for it to exist, especially if it’s not taking up half an episode.

I’m not all that shocked that Garrett isn’t the person responsible for killing Ali and Maya. It's been hinted at since his arrest that there’s lot more to the story than that, this is Pretty Little Liars after all, so I’ve been hanging on to the fact that his innocence will be proven one way or another. What I did love about the reveal was Spencer’s break-down. It was so completely honest and real, especially when you think about all the emotional distress having Ali’s real killer out there has done to her.

Aria and Snoozra aside, Remains of the A was still a pretty good episode of ‘Liars, and since there was still a good bit of action, I’m happy enough to let the dull aspects slide. Well, for now at least.


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