Veronica Mars 2.16 The Rapes of Graff

For an episode that’s essentially a Veronica Does College trial run, it’s still extremely successful. It combines the familiar and the unknown with a returning face, and an entirely new location for us to enjoy. Among other things, it’s a comfort to know that this series could continue to thrive even beyond Neptune High.

Troy’s return is one that didn’t feel forced, it kind of happened by itself. He presents an interesting case of “can people change”. Veronica spends the majority of the episode grappling with her instincts that are screaming at her to not trust him, and her thirst for the truth. It was nicely explored, and it was great that she did find some bit of closure with him, even if he was a total ass to her last year. He’s a character that could so easily have returned again, but I’m sort of OK with the fact that this is his final appearance. It felt right.

It’s cool to see the major mystery of the third season being set up so well here. There’s a number of interesting people and stories that re-emerge next season, like Chip and his instant distaste for Ronnie, but I would have liked to have seen a few more characters ahead of time, even if it’s a little too soon in development to ask for something like that. Even so, it’s obvious how well organised each of the show’s long-running plots are, if it’s already showing fruition this early. If Veronica heading off to college is this fun, season 3 can’t be all that bad, can it?

Logan’s weird relationship with baby faced Hannah is finally nipped in the bud here. This story always had a role that was far too big for its own good, and I enjoyed it being majorly relegated for more important stuff during this episode. The whole exit scene was a combination of rushed and dramatic, so it’s odd that she never really got another mention post this week.

Cliff is amazing; I think that’s something I’ve mentioned a couple of hundred times already. Here is no exception. Veronica Mars is a show that’s always made great use of its supporting cast, and the writers seem to know which ones work with the core cast best, with Cliff, Vinnie and Lamb being their most popular go-to’s. You can tell there’s a great desire for each of the script-writers to get Daran Norris involved, and the fact that John Enbom and Rob Thomas are handling this one means that he’s fully taken advantage of.

It’s a brief exit from the this year's bigger plots, but The Rapes of Graff still proves a strong addition to the season, and one that is completely necessary in calming fans' fears over next season’s locale change.


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